Data Security

Data Security


Why erase Hard Drives? Why not just delete everything?


  • If you think delete means just hitting delete will remove all of your data, think again. Just because you delete your data, doesn't mean that it's erased completely from your PC hard drive! When you hit the delete button, the data still resides on your PC. It's like removing the labels from folders in a filing cabinet; the information still exists but is not prominently displayed. Electronic data including email has completely transformed communications these days whereby almost everyone, business and home PC users alike, store critical data on their PCs.
  • Recently there have been stories in the News of confidential data being found on the Hard Drives (HD) of major organisations including Banks and Hospitals where their private information has been retrieved from an apparently erased HD using the most limited of computer knowledge.
  • Don't be exploited by unscrupulous merchants who will use your personal information for fraudulent activities. Ensure your data is securely erased with a product that is upstanding to MOD/US Defence security levels.
  • If you cannot erase your data securely or would rather the HD is destroyed completely the HD needs to be granulated. Data has even been retrieved from HD's which have been drilled or sliced.


Data Destruction Services


  • At TCRP we use MOD/US defence level software to remove all data and are fully WEEE compliant.
  • We offer different levels of data destruction dependant on the choice of the client.

    - Level 1: 3 wipe process. The information on the HD is 'over written' 3 times.

    - Level 2: 15 wipe process. The software is 'written' over the information 15 times.

    - Level 3: Complete granulation. The HD is completely destroyed and is the most secure way of ensuring your data is unreadable by anyone.